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Established in 1991, La Gaufrette has grown from a café in to a full-fledged restaurant and catering service frequented by families, executives, tourists and even corporate. Year after year La Gaufrette has grown to be one of the most respected and appreciated brands within the UAE. Our freshly brewed coffees and home-made pastries, cookies and sandwiches are made with fresh ingredients and a love for creating unique tastes that leaves every palette hungry for more.

La Gaufrette’s motto ‘Commitment to Satisfaction, where you walk-in as a guest and walk-out being a friend’.

’Gaufre’ is the name of a famous Belgian waffle known for its mouth-watering aroma and unique taste. Some say that a single waffle could inspire genius, propagate love and make flowers bloom. Where passion meets flavor, from an ambiance reminiscent of modern luxury to a premium menu of homemade delicacies that let you transcend in to a world of taste and aromas, La Gaufrette is not just a coffee shop, but a truly pleasant experience.

Today, La Gaufrette is a HACCP Certified company in which food safety standards come first. A corrective approach to food safety and preventative measures is our first priority. Our staff is trained carefully with several outlets across Dubai and over 200 professionals who ensure that this commitment is always fulfilled. Every customer is our most important customer, and we intend to keep it that way. Our goal is to fulfill our guests’ needs and offer them only the best food and service possible.

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Location First Floor - Deira City Centre, Deira
Telephone +971 4338 8820
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