Recruitment fraud is a growing trend involving false job listings and fraudulent communications purporting to be from companies like ours with the intention of obtaining money or personal data from applicants.

This type of fraud tends to occur through online services including fake websites, social media accounts, online recruitment sites or unsolicited emails claiming to be from our Group. Often company employee names and logos are used to try to convey authenticity.

Legitimate information regarding career opportunities with Byblos Hospitality Group can always be found on our website at . Please be vigilant to fraudulent activity at all times and if you are unsure whether a communication that you have received is authentic, please review the guidance below:

  • BYBLOS HOSPITALITY GROUP will always and only ever contact you from a verifiable email address. Verify the email address is legitimate. We will never use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other non-official email account to communicate with potential candidates.
  • We will not contact you in the first instance via text message or by mobile phone. All first contact telephone calls are made from fixed lines from our offices.
  • Byblos Hospitality Group, nor any of its representatives, will ever ask for any form of payment for ‘visa fees’, ‘taxes’, ‘accommodation’ ‘background checks’ or ‘travel expenses’.
  • We will never request copies of passports, drivers licenses, credit cards or other forms of personal identification by email.

If you believe that you have been the potential victim of recruitment fraud with Byblos or any of our affiliated companies, please contact the following email address to enable us to investigate further:

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