Byblos Hospitality Group, BHG, was established in 2010 by CEO Jean Samman, as a brand to manage and run hotels, restaurants and catering facilities to best manage his portfolio after more than 42 years in the U.A.E.’s hospitality industry.

After arriving to the country in 1979, Jean Samman has witnessed the flourishing of the tourism industry in Dubai. His vision and contribution comes to life in all the outlets managed by the hotels he created, through personalized service; developed and evolved through the understanding and respect of the different cultures in such a cosmopolitan country. The company’s portfolio includes over 7 hotels, 15 outlets, a catering company and chain of restaurants and coffee shops.

The BHG brand has gained market trust to always provide quality product and always deliver what is promised with efficiency.

BHG looks forward to host the city’s tourists as the world opens up post Covid as well as to a successful World Expo. The BHG brand continues to stay true to Jean’s career motto where visitors “check-in as a guest, check-out being a friend.”

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